Non-destructive hydro excavation is a core service at Non-Destructive Excavations Australia (NDEA), but so is backfilling. Having an area backfilled ensures that the recently uncovered utility is filled once again and that the excavated area is restored to its prior state. NDEA technicians work with construction and asset managers to return these subsurface environments to a protected state with purpose-built tools and machinery.

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What is backfilling?

As the name suggests, backfilling is the process of backfilling the excavated site that has been uncovered due to inspection. The material used to backfill these excavated potholes is sand, roadbase and cold mix used together to create a strong and protective layer for that subsurface utility to remain undisturbed and functional. The backfilling stage is as important as the excavation itself, which is why NDEA technicians will arrive onsite with a fully equipped tipper and backfill trailer to restore the seal of the pothole.


NDEA technicians will typically start with a pothole of a certain diameter, and then use a vacuum excavator to safely dig directly down to locate known utilities or unknown infrastructure. Your onsite NDEA technician will ensure that the pothole reaches compliance with AS5844-2013 Quality Level A. Given that non-destructive hydro excavation can happen on a construction site or a public place, it is critical that the reinstatement of pothole areas happen promptly and efficiently to mitigate risk. Failure to do so can create unnecessary risk to employees onsite, people populating public areas, and even to the subsurface assets themselves which are newly exposed.

What is backfilling in Sydney used for?

Backfilling in Sydney is used to ensure a high standard of safety on any worksite. Excavating and exposing assets can be delicate work, and efficiently backfilling the area ensures that the asset is restored to its protected state is critical. Backfilling also creates a safer environment, with fewer potholes onsite for employees to navigate. With infrastructure, tools and machinery common in this line of work, potholes are not conducive with a project that is committed to a deadline.

These projects include but are not limited to:

  • Repair and restore areas after non-destructive excavation work
  • Protects subsurface utilities
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Why choose NDEA for your Sydney vacuum excavation works?

  • NDEA is a preferred supplier for New South Wales’ top construction names, and that is because of the quality and due diligence that NDEA technicians bring to every project. NDEA will safely excavate and backfill a pothole so that assets can be identified and protected, and the project can proceed with the ultimate transparency. Familiar with both public and private projects of all sizes, you can expect responsive, friendly service every time you work with NDEA.If you need excavation and backfilling in Sydney or any other non-destructive service, you can rely on:
    • Experienced subsurface utility service providers
    • Friendly operators are ready to take your call 
    • Sydney and Greater Sydney area serviced
    • All-inclusive infrastructure project service specialists
    • Maintenance Management (NHVR) Accredited
    • The highest quality for every service

Contact NDEA  today to speak with our friendly team of vacuum excavation and backfilling specialists about your scope of work. Let’s book your service today!

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