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Non Destructive Excavation Specialists

Saving lives by protecting your projects' undergound assets..

The ground we walk on sits above a vast city of infrastructure. 

Underground optical fibres, gas mains, electrical conduits, water pipes and other buried utilities provide us with our daily conveniences.

We have worked tirelessly for a decade to ensure that vacuum excavation is now considered the industry standard when digging in and around buried assets that can be easily damaged or destroyed by traditional excavation methods.

We use the latest technology on purpose built rigs and fully trained, highly experienced crews.

We IDENTIFY, LOCATE and PROTECT our city's UNDERGROUND SERVICES thus enabling some of the most recognised construction companies to safely expand out networks, buildings, substations, roads and rail systems.

Our Services

  • Non Destructive Excavation
  • Potholing/Vacuum Excavating
  • Non Destructive Trenching
  • Pier/Post Hole Digging
  • Pit Cleaning/Pipe Jetting
  • Service Location

Our expert team delivers timely and effective services for the identification/exposure of underground assets.

Using NDEA’s premier services, NSW Contractors' can work confidentally and efficiently without risking nearby buried services.

The Rigs

NDEA has technologically advance, functional, purpose built rigs.

Our teams can effectively vacuum excavate a limitless range of applications across a wide range of civil/building projects. We have proven track record spanning 10 years.

Damaged underground assets lead to costly claims..

Depend on us to provide safer, faster non destructive excavation & underground service location. Every job is important to us and our reputation.

Our Process

We have a large fleet of Sydney based trucks with slurry tank sizes up to 14,000 litres.

On-board pressurised water is used to loosen and 'non destructively excavate' the soil.

A vacuum source makes sure that all the excess water and soil is efficiently removed from the site ensuring the underground infrastructure remains intact and clearly exposed.

This slurry is collected in our self-contained trucks for removal from site.

About Us

At NDEA, we believe that preventing damage to underground services doesn’t only contribute to savings for contractors, but also leads to a safer society and benefits our communities and companies. More about us ›

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