While digging and excavation for new underground construction work is important, it’s also vital to be able to check the condition of those new structures once they’re built. This can pose a large amount of difficulty for maintenance teams, as pipes and joints can be very difficult to navigate via traditional means, and if you find yourself experiencing signs of a blockage forming, knowing where to look can be half the battle.

If you’re managing the condition and performance of an underground system and require monitoring and oversight, NDEA’s CCTV inspection services are the choice for you. Our NSW team can help you check the integrity and condition of your pipes and joints while making blockage discovery as easy as possible. This makes CCTV pipe inspections an absolutely essential part of any building or road construction project, so why not work with the Sydney CCTV inspection specialists at NDEA?

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How Does CCTV Pipe Inspection Work?

Using state-of-the-art tractor cameras, the team at NDEA can carry out inspections on most kinds of underground piping systems. The tractor camera’s ability to rotate, tilt and pan allow for a high level of information-gathering capabilities, ensuring that you have data on everything from defects to the length and type of pipe that you’re working with. These CCTV pipe cameras can also make recordings of finer details regarding the internal infrastructure’s condition, blockages, junction locations, bends, and more.

What Size Can Piping Be For CCTV Pipe Inspections to Be Effective?

The CCTV tractor camera is extremely versatile and can be used with pipes ranging anywhere from 150mm-4000mm in diameter. In some cases, pipes can be even bigger when required for CCTV inspection and at distances up to 250m. So, no matter what kind of underground piping system you’re working with, the team at NDEA should be able to support you with effective monitoring and inspections.

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  • With a highly experienced team in sub-surface work, including vacuum excavation and more, few teams will have the skills, experience, and equipment required for such comprehensive CCTV inspection services in Sydney. To learn more, contact NDEA today at 1300 027 233 or email us at bookings@ndea.com.au to schedule a meeting.

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