What is Electromagnetic Utility Locating?

Electromagnetic locating is an essential part of many different types of ground-penetrating jobs. This is because, when working on any form of underground infrastructure, specificity is vital to ensure that mistakes are avoided. Reliable underground utility company services are needed to ensure that these underground systems can be located accurately, even among other pieces of public infrastructure. This is where handheld electromagnetic utility locators combined with ground-penetrating radar machines become hugely important, providing a versatile means of locating and detecting infrastructure to work on. This includes the ability to isolate and detect specific pipelines, providing a level of confidence to those in technical fields that are often unattainable through other means.

At NDEA, we specialise in Non-Destructive Excavation Services. To this end, we do whatever we can to offer services for a plethora of different situations and requirements, which is essential for locating underground utilities for Sydney-based projects and beyond. So, if you require underground utility locating and electromagnetic locating for your next excavation or infrastructure project, speak with one of our specialists today.

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How Do Handheld Electromagnetic Utility Locating and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Work?

For an ideal reading of underground infrastructures using electromagnetic locating equipment a direct connection is preferable. Direct connection, as the name suggests, necessitates a physical connection with the pipe, gas line, or infrastructure system, meaning that a surface feature or exposed connection/metallic pipe or tracing wire will need to be utilised for the best results. It will also require that the system is made with or contains conductible materials. With that said, a direct connection is not the only means of locating underground utilities, with passive locating also a viable option for services that naturally emit some form of frequency that can be detected by an electromagnetic pipe locator. Combined with the utilisation of a GPR machine, an indication can be obtained of underground utility positions.

Why Work With NDEA For Underground Utility Locating in Sydney?

NDEA has been at the forefront of Sydney’s electromagnetic cable and pipe location industry for nearly twenty years. NDEA is the industry leader in locating Subterranean Utility Infrastructure. We have the skills and experience to locate underground utilities for you, which is why NDEA is an ideal Sydney-based candidate. To learn more, speak with one of our specialists today, and find out how our Sydney Subterranean Utility locating services can assist you with your project.

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