There are several tasks that have to be completed before the soil is turned on a construction site and site dewatering in Sydney is one of them. Non-Destructive Excavations Australia (NDEA) manage projects that support every stage of development, with dedicated and experienced professionals manning these projects and helping you achieve the optimal conditions for simple and complex constructions.

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What is site dewatering?

As the name suggests, site dewatering is the procedure of removing the water and moisture from a site so that excavation can be completed. A dry excavation can be appealing for a number of reasons, including better visibility, less time-on-site and reducing the need for more pre-construction works. NDEA can work with you to assess your site and recommend a dewatering plan, with no impact on the environment or subsurface utilities. After the excavation and works, you may choose to backfill the area or leave it dewatered.

Removing water from soil can be achieved through a range of techniques. Some of these include filtration, liquid separation processes and also centrifugation. Sump pumping is another effective technique Your NDEA technician will have an onsite inspection of the area to understand and classify the conditions of the site. Each of the services provided by NDEA has been tried and tested to support excavation projects, from start to finish.

What is dewatering in Sydney used for?

Site dewatering in Sydney is used for many sites and circumstances, as moist and wet soil can hinder certain tasks that need to occur before, during and after construction. While NDEA is more prominently known for hydro excavation and backfilling, site dewatering ensures safer and quicker outcomes in certain situations. As different locations and weather conditions exist, site dewatering ensures that unprecedented conditions can be managed and the water extracted. 

Site dewatering projects include but are not limited to:

  • Dries soil in preparation for excavation
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Reduces the chance of upheaval failure
  • Allos for visibility and protection of subsurface utilities
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Why choose NDEA for your Sydney site dewatering

NDEA has a large portfolio of successful projects and satisfied clients, due to the quality advice and advanced tools that are used onsite. Dewater your site safely and promptly with the experts in the trade who have perfected the job of adding and extracting water from the soil, so that construction milestones can be archived. NDEA is a preferred supplier in New South Wales so discuss your site dewatering needs with NDEA’s service staff today.

If you need site dewatering in Sydney or any other non-destructive service, you can rely on:

  • Unparalleled experience in subsurface utility services
  • Friendly, experienced staff ready to take your call 
  • Sydney and Greater Sydney area serviced
  • Infrastructure project service specialists
  • Maintenance Management (NHVR) Accredited
  • High-quality service on every project

Contact NDEA today to plan your site dewatering needs and the finer details of your construction. Let’s book your service today!

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