There are several tasks that have to be completed before the soil is turned on a construction site and site dewatering in Sydney is one of them. Non-Destructive Excavations Australia (NDEA) manage projects that support every stage of development, with dedicated and experienced professionals manning these projects and helping you achieve the optimal conditions for simple and complex constructions.

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What is jet cleaning/drain cleaning?

When debris builds up inside a pipe, drain or sewer, the function of that asset is compromised and it can lead to issues for the population relying on those services and the entity tasked with managing it. High-pressure hydro jet cleaning can be executed by NDEA, utilising methods that work for a range of pipe sizes enabling it to access places that other methods fail to reach. This modern jet cleaner can even move around corners so that pipes and drains are receiving a deep clean. Routine jet cleaning is a core service facilitated by NDEA, and it is advised that clean frequency should be increased if the area experiences more rain than usual or other disturbances that would contribute to a build-up.

Contact our technicians today to organise our water jetting vehicle to come to your public or private site for routine cleaning. This service is available 24/7, with most clients preferring to conduct these works overnight to not disrupt traffic or other environments. Jet cleaning is also environmentally friendly and one of the safest methods for a blockage problem.

Removing water from soil can be achieved through a range of techniques. Some of these include filtration, liquid separation processes and also centrifugation. Sump pumping is another effective technique Your NDEA technician will have an onsite inspection of the area to understand and classify the conditions of the site. Each of the services provided by NDEA has been tried and tested to support excavation projects, from start to finish.

What is jet cleaning in Sydney used for?

The efficiency of high-powered jet cleaning makes it an ideal solution for a diverse range of jobs, which is why hydro jetting drain cleaning and sewer cleaning is common in Sydney. While drain, sewage and pipe blockages are the core jobs booked, NDEA can also recommend jet cleaning for blockages in tree roots, culverts, sludge and other waste build-ups. There may even be multiple areas on one site requiring cleaning or drainage. The modem design of the jet cleaning vehicle has proved to be especially useful in scenarios where the shape and condition of the drains and pipes are not known, and the corner function takes care of all makes and models.

Jet cleaning projects include but are not limited to:

  • Blocked pipes and drains
  • Sewage blockages
  • Clearing build-ups in culverts
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Why choose NDEA for your jet cleaning and sewer cleaning in Sydney?

As the leading name in excavation and subsurface care, NDEA is the company you want by your side when navigating these important works. Our jet cleaning vehicles are available 24/7 to take on your project and can complement additional work you book with NDEA so you have the ultimate peace of mind. NDEA has earned a strong reputation in New South Wales, with happy clients across all industries. Don’t find yourself taking on manual works or exploring less efficient ways to clean and clear pipes and drains, and call NDEA to find out how simple it is to book a jet clean in Sydney.

When you work with NDEA for potholing in Sydney or any other non-destructive service, you can rely on:

    • Professional subsurface utility service providers
    • Responsive operators are ready to take your call 
    • Servicing Sydney and Greater Sydney area 
    • Major infrastructure project service specialists
    • Accredited in Maintenance Management (NHVR)
    • Quality for every service, from jet drain cleaning to sewer cleaning & more

Contact NDEA today to plan your site dewatering needs and the finer details of your construction. Let’s book your service today!

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